Refund/Exchange Policy

 There are no cash refunds on any orders. All returns will be for warranty issues only. We offer a lifetime manufacturers warranty on all decoy bodies and heads purchased  that covers any manufacturers defects or workmanship. All decoys must be returned to the manufacturer by the purchaser at the purchasers expense to be inspected for warranty repair or replacement solely at the decission of the manufacturer. IF the product is deemed damaged and covered under warranty replacement items will be shipped at no cost. If the item is not covered under warranty shipping is then paid by the original owner.  All warranty issues are for the original purchaser and must accompany the original sales invoice  for warranty coverage.

Not covered under warranty.

Decoys that have been  modified from their original state. 

See expressed warranty for exact warranty coverage details.

Our decoys are tested to self right using the same methods as used by decoy contests around the country. the decoy is placed on its back and then released. From this position a  decoy shall roll over to the upright position. We do not warranty self righting issues due to the complexity of the decoys specific balance points and potential modifications of such decoys with different heads and positions of said heads and attachments of said heads.

Thank You

Homer Decoys