Come Maine duck hunting on the scenic coast for Eiders, Old Squaws, Scoters, Bufflehead and Golden Eye. Or hunt some of Maine‚Äôs back country, wetlands and fields for Canadian Geese, Mallards, Black Ducks, Teal, Wood Ducks and Merganser ducks. Jay Farris will get you what your after. Jay Farris (207) 215-3828

Barneck Outfitters specializes in guided Diving Duck and Sea Duck hunting on the Chesapeake Bay since 1986. We hunt the mouth of the Choptank river as well as Little Choptank and the Miles River. Chris Sherman and gang can put you on the birds regardless of what it is your after. 

Specializing in diver, sea duck, and layout boat hunting in WNY!  Wally will get you on the Birds. Wally use's Homer Decoys and is the White Wing Scoter Master. For more information.

please contact us at 716-940-2080 or

Specializing in open water gunning in eastern North Carolina. We utilize layout boats, stake blinds, and scissor boats.  Come as a client, leave as a friend. Lets go get em! 

Capt. Jennings Rose IV

Looking for finished Homer Decoys? Below is a list of Dealers whom we recommend and can help you with all your Homer Decoy needs.


Mr. Sanford is the original Carver of the Homer Decoys Old Squaw, Bluebill, and Goldeneye heads. Steve shares his knowledge with others. Stop by and see some of Steven's other great works as well.

Homer Decoy's Pro Staff.  Friends in the Waterfowling industry.