Meet Homer he's Nutz over Ducks™

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Homer Decoy's introduces Homer Coat™ A  exterior surface decoy coating media that is environmentally friendly, economical, offering low-cost solutions for protecting your foam decoys for decades of use. Homer Coat™ is engineered to absorb less paint and create a finish that won't be so abrasive to your decoys and mice wont eat it during the off season while your decoys are in storage. Homer Decoy's receommends using, Tite Bond 3 or Epoxy for best results with Epoxy being the Ultimate adhesive. You can also use Latex and or FME oil based enamel paint for your adhesive. Don't confuse Homer Coat™ with Restle Coat. Restle coat is a process in which Carl H. Hoecherl owner of the Restle Decoy Company patented. His process was known as Restle Coat. This process used ground corn cob's and latex paints to create a textured durable coating on their Restle Decoys. You can view details of the patent online HERE.  Homer Coat™ is a completely new product that will change the way we coat foam decoy"s from now on. Tony Homer owner of Homer Decoy's has 20 years invested in designing, making, molding, and testing different products and ways of making the most durable foam decoy's in the industry. Homer Coat™ is the future of decoy coatings. Each box of Homer Coat will do aproximately 6 dozen magnum diver decoy bodies.


  • Available in 20lb box
  • Non-toxic; causes no health or environmental hazards
  •  biodegradable
  • absorbs less paint
  • results in a lighter finished decoy
  • Nice hard durable slightly textured finish
  • ​Lighter finished decoy weight
  • lower overall cost per decoy