Homer Decoys Artist Series Decoys

About the Artist.

      I hunted and fished all around the lake and the backwoods and we always had game in the freezer . Having to dress the game we harvested for meat I learned a lot about anatomy of birds and fish . Little did I know later this would come in real handy when carving birds and duck decoys in wood and cork .
I remember my brother had carved a duck decoy and I commented on how I liked it .
He told me about a contest where decoys were floated in a tank and judged best . He said they looked so real you would swear they were real ducks. I set my sights to find out more about this art form called decoy carving,.
Long story short my wife bought me a copy of Bruce Burks Game bird Carving and I was hooked .I read the book over and over and dreamed about carving birds . Finally I bought some hand tools and some basswood and carved my first duck decoy a bufflehead from the Burk book. That was 1986 I still have it today the book, the decoy, and the wife .
I estimate I have carved over 3500 birds and decoys since that first primitive bufflehead, I continue to carve full time today and I expect to be carving decoys till my last day.Today my carvings are in many collectoions and countries around the world.Recently I carved a pair of Labrador ducks for a client who has over 245 decoys in his collection all labrador ducks by many world famous mastercarvers. 

Robert J.Mitchell

Price:  $150.00 Pair

The Artist Series  Canvasback decoys are finished by Robert Mitchell. Mr Mitchell has carved many of the Master carvings for Homer Decoys including the New Bull Canvasback head as we call it. Mr. Mitchell has agreed to finish a limited numbered  of Pairs of Canvasback decoys. Each decoy is Homer coated, And finished in Mr. Mitchells painting style. To take it one step further Glass eyes are installed in each decoy as well.   The Artist Series Canvasbacks are available for a limited time and are $150.00 per Pair.