Welcome to Homer Decoys How To page. Here Steve Sanford and Homer Decoys will teach you how to finish your Homer Blank Decoys. From Restle Coating and Burlapping to painting them. In the painting Tutorials below you will notice Steve uses Behr Paints and that is fantastic once you have primed your Homer Blank Decoy Bodies and heads first. We recommend Kush FME oil based paint as a primer.  Steven Sanford has offered to share his passion for waterfowl and his techniques on painting them for our customers and we are extremely happy to have them. Steve is the Master Carver for our Broadbill and Goldeneye heads as well.  Simply click on the photos below to be taken to Steven's website where these tutorials are posted  and along with the tutorials he also gives you the proper paint colors from Behr and don't forget to check out his other great works of art while your visiting.

Painting Homer Canvasback Decoys

Painting Homer Goldeneye Decoys

Painting Homer Common Eider Decoys

Painting Homer Bufflehead Decoys

Painting Homer Redhead Decoys

Painting Homer Mallard Decoys

Painting Homer Old Squaw Decoys

Painting Homer Bluebill Decoys