Magnum Diver Decoy Kit

Merganser Species


Homer Magnum Sea Duck Decoy Kit

Each kit contains 5 divers and heads and 1 sleeper decoy

PRICE: $154.99 

​Packed 12 per box

Decoys shown are samples only and not included. 

 Homer decoy kits. 

Each Magnum Diver  Kit kit includes 5 standard diver bodies, 5 heads, 1 sleeper body and 6 eye screws and washers. Puddle Duck and  Sea Duck kits include 6 bodies, 6 heads and 6 eye screws and washers. You have the option to pick the species you would like and we will ship these in 1 box to help with shipping costs and provide a fantastic price point.  During shipping its possible that the bodies may receive some small dents during shipping. We offer them in Divers, Magnum Sea Ducks and Super Magnum Sea Ducks.  Compare our complete kit prices to the competitors bodies and heads only prices. We provide you with a molded in weighted keel. No wood to cut or buy or melting dangerous lead to weight your decoys.


Super Magnum Sea Duck Kit


PRICE: $87.99

PRICE: $114.99

Homer Magnum Puddle Duck Decoy Kit

Homer Universal Decoy Kit PER DOZEN

Each kit contains 12 bodies and heads and eye screws

Magnum Sea Duck Kit


Homer Decoy's Decoy Kits are very easy to finish. Simply paint bodies using Exterior Latex paint from your local Lowes or Home Depot. To prep your Homer Decoy Heads simply scuff the heads using a scotch brite pad or a sandblaster makes quick work of them if you have one. prime with a high quality Marine Enamel(oil base) paint. We recommend Kush Paint. We have several painting demo's on the website for your viewing and to help you paint your new decoys.  Once you have painted your decoys attaching the heads is a breeze. Simply drill a 11/32 hole in the head and screw the eye screw securely into the head. 

Universal Decoy Kit species


PRICE: $87.99

PRICE: $109.99

PRICE: $124.99


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PRICE: $87.99 to 114.99

Homer Merganser Decoy Kit


Homer Super Magnum Sea Duck Decoy Kit

Homer Magnum Diver Duck Decoy Kit

Each kit contains 5 divers and heads and 1 sleeper decoy

Homer Decoys Magnum Brant Decoy Kit

2 active and 4 feeder heads included.