Welcome to Homer Decoys.  Homer Decoys was started in the spring of 2015 by Tony Homer, who has spent his entire life chasing waterfowl, From his first harvested duck on Thanksgiving day of 1979 the Passion and obsession has never stopped.  In the early 1990's Tony began tinkering with making decoys and boats on his own once creating cardboard field goose shells for field hunting and continued to expand from there into creating his own  designed layout boats and even branded aluminum molds that were sold and buying out Herters remaining inventory  of foam decoys from Cabelas when they discontinued the Famous Herters decoys. Ever since that purchase of 10,000 or more Herters decoys Mr. Homers dream was to bring the greatest decoy back to production only making it even greater by creating a decoy was was indestructable and would be handed down generation to generation in waterfowl families across the globe. Homer Decoys are the next generation in duck decoys. 20 years in the making and working with decoys to create what we believe is the greatest foam decoy bodies and replacement heads available today.  We have invested all of our life so far into creating Homer Decoys and will continue to bring you state of the art, top quailty foam decoys and replacement heads. Homer Decoy  bodies are made from  High Density expandable plastic  foam (Herter's decoys were 2lb density). Our Replacement decoy heads are manufactured in a special injection molding process and create the strongest, most durable decoy head on the planet and we Guarantee it. We made Homer Decoys so that you can shoot the ducks over and in the decoys. Never pass up an opportunity again due to worries of sinking a decoy.  Each decoy has been strategically designed to ride the water like a decoy should rather than flipping and bouncing around unnaturally and to also hold tighter to the water for a more realistic look you have come to expect for incoming waterfowl.  We believe you will agree that Homer Decoys will be the next greatest foam decoy and will be the staple of waterfowling decoy spread across the country in the very near future. Homer blank foam decoy Bodies are available in 6 different sizes and shapes. And over a dozen
Different heads available. 

The Homer Decoy Story


Homer Decoys are the Exclusive Decoys of Hook and Hunt TV